CAL mid-term project and science meeting
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Getting to the meeting venue (Elounda Blue Bay Hotel)

1) By bus
Use the web link above. By clicking on the proper town-dots you get information on bus timetables and prices.
Step 1: Take a taxi from Heraklion Airport / Port to Heraklion Eastern Crete Bus station (city centre, near the harbour, costs ~5 EUR, 10-15 minutes).
Step 2: Take the bus from Heraklion to Agios Nikolaos Bus station (65 km, about 60-80 min).
Step 3: Transfer at Agios Nikolaos bus station to Elounda (8-10 km , 20-30 minutes).
Step 4: Walk or take a taxi from Elounda to Elounda Blue Bay Hotel (it's at about 1.6 km from the village centre, in the direction of Plaka. Taxi costs <4-5 EUR).
Bus and Taxi total cost <20 EUR. Total time : from 3 to 6 hours

2) By taxi

Using a taxi directly from the airport / port to the hotel should cost 75 EUR (make sure the driver issues official receipts, in case you need one). You should be there in about 1 h and 15 min.
You can also choose to pre-book a private taxi through the meeting secretariat ( at the price of 75 EUR / per taxi / per way.

3) Renting a car:

Renting a small car in Crete is not expensive, (25 to 50 EUR / day, unlimited mileage). It gives more possibilities for exploring adventures. It is worth considering.
After renting a car at the airport you drive left to Agios Nikolaos, about 60 km from the airport. Before entering the city of Agios Nikolaos at the main intersection (the first trafic lights) you turn left to Elounda (about 10 km drive). The Elounda Blue Bay Hotel is located at about 1.6 km-s from the village centre, in the direction of Plaka.

More links on local transportation and information:
http://www.amazingcrete. com/getting_crete.htm