CAL mid-term project and science meeting
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Scientific program

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18:00 to 21:00 Registration


Session D1: The Sprite Discharge - Chair: Torsten Neubert
Session D2: The Thunderstorm Generator - Chair: Serge Soula
Session D3: The Atmospheric Electric Circuit - Chair: Michael Rycroft


Session D4: Atmospheric and Ionospheric Perturbations - Chair: Christos Haldoupis
Session D5: Global TLE-rates and Remote Diagnostics - Chair: Martin Fullekrug


Session D7: The Response of the Atmosphere - Chair: Neil Arnold
Session D6: Atmospheric Chemistry - Chair: Esa Turunen
Afternoon: Social Events


Session D8: CAL Mid-Term Review - Chair: Jean-Bernard Veyret
Session E: A Brief History of Lightning Research - general interest lecture by Kristian Schlegel


Session D9: New Initiatives-1 - Chair: Torsten Neubert
Session D10: New Initiatives-2 - Chair: Torsten Neubert

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